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NEW Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks

New to Garnier , is their SkinActive mask range. They come in a few assortments and theyre available at Foschini. Masking is so important, and this doesnt need to be done every single day, you should mask at least 2x to 3x week maximum as this helps your moisturiser and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin (better product penetration). As youll benefit better from your skincare products and products arent cheap now adays. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb masks are water- based sheet masks which offer benefits of haf a bottle of a hydrating serum.  Three lovely Masks that Garnier provides are as follows:  1. Hydrating - deeply moisturizes for instantly softer skin  2. Rebalancing - helps to hydrate as well as visibly reduce pores and balances the skin 3. Soothing - helps to comfort and soothe the skin. 1. 2.  3. You might be wondering, mmmm, Cindy what are the benefits of using this mask? Well, thanks for asking hun, they will be listed below: -

Review: L'Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream Anti-Wrinkle and Extra Firming

Over time a person’s skin ages drastically if we don’t take the initiative to look after it. We only have one skin, if that makes sense to you. I introduce to you the  New and improved formula. FUN FACT The Epidermis is the most important layer of then skin considering the external application of skincare cosmetics and make up due to the appearance. Why do we need to start early? Research has proven that its not to say skin ages as time flies by, but rather environmental factors, inflammation and weakening of the skin structure, which results in the momentum of the skins aging process. Sun exposure has shown to be one of the culprits to several signs of ageing, if not protected due to sun exposure.  Which is so important to always use sunscreen even on days that may not be sunny or you don’t even step out the house. Always shield your skin from the sun.  L'Oreal  Revitalift is enriched with: 1.     Advanced Pro- Retinol – which is a powerful anti-wrinkle, kno

New Maybelline Master Ink

Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner I have been using this lovely liner for a year now. I’ve tried a few liners from other brands and they haven't  crept into my heart like this baby has. And I hope you will stay tuned to read more interesting things I will say about this product. As you all should know Maybelline has upped their game big time. Their formulas have improved as well as their innovations to keep up with the makeup industry which is continuously evolving. Firstly its available in 3 different shades  1.Satin 2.Glitter 3. Matte Its absolutely long wearing, there no clumps or lumps when you have to use it. The color payoff is phenomenal, you dont have to drag and drag the product to get a proper line or even to fill in the gaps. Its super easy to use as it has a perfectly smart tip brush thats able to provide you with the sharpest cat eye flick possible. Let me say this is even easy for beginners. ' Claims: Smudge proof  Flake p

Review: Rimmel Long Lasting 25hour Foundation

It's new foundation time... Shall I spill the beans my beauties... Rimmel you beautiful thing, has done it again and has made us proud. I don't often play around with new foundations. Just for the fact that its quite difficult trying to find something that matches my skin tone and finding the time to try every foundation in the store till you've found a match. So Rimmel now relaunched their new foundation. I feel as though, once I've found the perfect colour of foundation, I can now conquer the world therefore I'm capable of pursuing anything that flies my way. Maybe being adventurous finding something new. hahaha, not! Rimmel Long Lasting 25hour foundation has an added comfort serum. The consistency of it is thick, but its better when you've applied a primer before hand. This foundation is perfect for people with oily skin. What's nice about it is, that it has the ability to provide you with a natural look without you looking cakey or flakey. Il

Review: RIMMEL Long Lasting Pressed Powder

There has a been a stage where, all I could do is to try finding the perfect translucent powder. No mater what store I went to I was always just too afraid to make a purchase and then yet regret what I had bought. Have you ever been through that, or still are. Iv been wanting to find something that would suit all my clients for special occasion makeup sessions. Trying to find some thing that would be light but also not cake once applied. So then I've ended doing research, this took months till I finally figured out that this product I'm about to talk about came recommended by couple youtubers and bloggers. The amazing RIMMEL Long Lasting Pressed Powder I then grew the courage to head to Foschini and purchase this beauty once and for all and see what the huge fuss was about. I paid about R 100 for this baby. Yup! what a bargain. I don't regret at it all.I use it for all my clients. It doesn't make the face white like a Casper the ghost, as it is translucent. it ble